valtra a series tractor cabin interior good visibility

Valtra technologies

Connecting your farm enterprise like never before

valtra a series tractor cabin interior good visibility


Easy connection

valtra a series tractor cabin interior good visibility


Let your tractor do the steering

valtra a series tractor cabin interior good visibility


Automatic precision

Valtra technologies

It’s not about the technology. It’s about what you can do with it.
 valtra a series tractor cabin interior good visibility

Farming at your fingertips

To make our smart technologies usable and accessible, we have integrated them seamlessly into our tractors. Everything is controlled via Valtra SmartTouch. The SmartTouch armrest works as an ISOBUS terminal, so when you give the command, your implement gets the message immediately.

Intuitive and easy to operate, SmartTouch lets you access all the settings you need in one place, from implement setup to field management. The unique Auto-Guide GO mode will get you started right away.

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valtra a series tractor cabin interior good visibility

Easy implement control

ISOBUS makes it easy to control modern implements, especially those with many functions and a high level of automation. It is a Plug-and-Play system that transmits a variety of information from the tractor to the implement and vice versa. Put simply, it is the way that your tractor and your implements communicate.

 valtra a series tractor cabin interior good visibility

Full control of your farming

Seamlessly integrated and optimised, our solutions are designed to improve your productivity and profitability. They give you full control of your tractor and your implements, let you plan and execute application rates for your whole farm, and even help you do the paper work.

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valtra tractor on field auto-guide

Auto-Guide - Let your tractor do the steering

Our new Auto-Guide system lets you concentrate on your work while your tractor does the steering. This makes it easier for you to get your work done, even in difficult conditions, and it makes precision farming easier and more profitable than ever.


Auto-Guide uses satellite guidance to steer your tractor for you, helping you be more productive with less effort. The automatic steering follows waylines precisely, maximizing the cultivated area, reducing overlaps and gaps, and saving you time, fuel, and money. And because you don’t have to focus on the driving, you’ll be able to work longer with less fatigue and less effort. Auto-Guide makes it easy to create, save and load waylines for each field.


Auto-Guide is available with the best choice of receivers and correction signals on the market, and you can select the level of accuracy you need, from submeter to centimetre level, too. You can upgrade the accuracy of your system at any time, by purchasing an unlock code from Agco Parts.

valtra waylines autoguide


Auto-Guide makes it easy to create, save and load waylines for each field.


Submetre (Low) Satellite EGNOS [Free; basic level] +/- 30cm
Decimetre (Medium) Satellite Corection signals with subscription and decimetre upgrade +/- 20cm
Centimetre (High)
Satellite Correction signals with subscription, CM upgrade +/- 5cm
Centimetre (High) Fixed base station (stations), signal via Radio or Internet Own or shared base station(s) or NTRIP via Internet (mobile phone netwprk). CM upgrade. +/- 2cm  

Advantages of Auto-Guide

  • Saves fuel and time.
  • Allows you to drive in the dark, in fog and in dusty conditions.
  • Enhances precision and your ability to focus on your work, thus increasing efficiency.
  • Makes turning in the headland easier.
  • Reduces the amount of seeds, fertiliser and pesticides - no waste.
  • Reduces the damage to crops due to overlapping and over-fertilising.
  • Reduces the amount of weeds due to precise spraying of pesticides.
  • Reduces soil compaction.
  • Enables a higher return on investment.
  • Eliminates the need for a row marker system.


valtra tractor on field


Valtra SmartTouch and Isobus let you work with any Isobus-compatible implement, from any manufacturer. It lets you connect implements quickly and easily. And it gives you the high level of control that precision farming demands.

The Isobus standard (ISO 11783) is what makes this possible. Put simply, it is the way that your tractor and your implements communicate. It’s what lets you tell your implements what to do. And, because the SmartTouch armrest also works as an Isobus terminal, when you give the command, your implement gets the message immediately. Isobus also makes compatible implements Plug and Play. This means that when you connect an Isobus compatible implement to your Valtra tractor, all the relevant machine data is uploaded to the terminal immediately.

Here’s how it works: you use your Farm Management System (FMS) to plan tasks in the farm office. You use TaskDocTM to transfer them wirelessly to your tractor. Then, thanks to SmartTouch and Isobus, you will have full control of your Isobus compatible implements and each task parameter will be set correctly according to precision maps of each field.


 valtra tractor field agcontrol

AgControl - Automatic precision. Better yields. Reduced cost.

With AgControl, your tractor and your implements are precisely and automatically controlled to deliver the optimum seed and fertilizer rates, to each part of each field. This helps you reduce input costs, improve yields and maximize your profits

AgControlTM Section

AgControl Section is the best section control on the market. It helps you put the right product in the right place at the right time. It automatically turns rows and boom sections on and off to eliminate overlap and avoid gaps. And it lets you easily plan, save and recall work and settings for each field. AgControl Section gives you high precision, even with large implements, even in poor visibility.

Plug and Play

AgControl Section is also Plug and Play, so that when you connect an Isobus compatible implement to your tractor, all the relevant data is automatically uploaded to the tractor. AgControl Section works with all compatible Isobus implements which follow the ISO 11783 standard and support Section Control functionality.

SmartTouch Extend

If you use Auto-Guide with demanding isobus implements you can add our additional SmartTouch extended terminal. This makes controlling multiple parameters more convenient. For example, you can control your implement with the second terminal, while you use the main SmartTouch armrest terminal for steering and tractor control.

AgControlTM Variable Rate

AgControl Variable rate is the most accurate and responsive rate control system on the market. With variable rate control (VRC) you can use application maps to automatically adjust the application rate of your Isobus compatible implements. This helps you save resources and improve crop yield and quality. It also creates detailed as-applied or as-planted maps to keep records of what was done in each area to aid in future decision making and comply with record keeping regulations.


sunset valtra field woman

TaskDoc® - connects your farm office and your tractor wirelessly.

With TaskDoc® there’s less paperwork. Just start your job – straight from SmartTouch – and all the documentation you need will be created automatically. When you’re finished it will be wirelessly transferred to your farm management system. TaskDoc makes precision farming easier, too. Plan variable rate and section control maps in the farm office and transfer them to your tractor for automatic control. It’s easy and intuitive.

  • Prevent data loss.
  • Keep accurate records.
  • Ensure compliance with regulations.


TaskDoc connects your farm office and your tractor wirelessly. In the office, you access TaskDoc via your FMS, and in your tractor via SmartTouch. So wherever you are, the settings and data you need will follow. And while you work, the system will ensure that all relevant data is collected. With TaskDoc, data from every task is recorded automatically and transferred back to your FMS. This prevents data loss and ensures that you have accurate records for each field, as well as the documentation you need to comply with regulations.


TaskDoc® provides quick, secure and reliable data transfer between the tractor and the office via a Bluetooth connection. TaskDoc Pro continually records position and machine data, and data is transferred via a mobile network. This is an important advantage, particularly for contractors or large farms, because the tractor does not need to be in the vicinity of the farmyard to transfer data.

Valtra Connect

valtra connect mobile woman tractor

Valtra Connect - Keep track of your tractor

Valtra Connect is a telemetry solution that records tractor activity and GPS movements, all the time. It can display history and real time data on your mobile device and you can access the data anywhere, anytime. Using this data, you and your Valtra service partner can anticipate maintenance needs, and react faster to solve minor issues and avoid extra visits to your authorized service centre.

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